Trace Ace Tackle Mission Statement

Hi my name is Laurence Short,

I have been fishing for over 45 years. I started up Trace Ace tackle 27 years ago, and we are still going strong today. The reason why Trace Ace tackle is so successful, is becauseĀ I am passionate about fishing myself and I will only sell items that I would also want to use. Every piece of fishing tackle you see on my website, has to be good enough to find a place in my tackle box.

I love sourcing items that are a little bit harder to find, or are a little bit different, items that will give the angler that extra edge. I hope you enjoy browsing through our fishing site, and find something new and innovative, that may just make the difference to you landing that fish of your dreams.

Remember, when you buy something from Trace Ace tackle, you’re not just buying an item of tackle, your also buying into 45 years of fishing experience, experience that will be with you whether you fish Oceans, Rivers, Lakes or Seas. So remember, if your lucky enough to bend into that fish of a lifetime, rest assured you’re in good hands, Trace Ace tackle wont let you down.