Brand new this season, 3 x 6inch, 48grm curl tail Hot Perch bulldog lures


3 x 6inch, 48grm (approx) curltailed Bulldog lure Colour Red fire tail, hot Perch body  I love these brand new lures that we have just got our hands on, there going to be a killer for big Pike believe me. The markings are just fabulous, and that long curl tail, sends out masses of movement and vibration, couple this with the Red strike points, and the 3d fish strike eyes, and you have a lure which the Pike are just going to smash. Its a great size, ideal for any lake or river, and it casts like a dream. This is a fab lure to have in your lure box, and it will be one of those that you will be clipping on time and time again, you just know your going to get hit after hit on this little beauty.

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