3 X 20G Artificial Twin Tail Perch, Pike Lures

3 X 20G Artificial Twin Tail Perch These 3 Artificial Pike Lures Offer Fantastic Value With Superb Quality And Action, And In A Pattern That Pike Find Irresistible. Perch Are One Of The Top Species That Big Pike Pray On. These Lures Have All The Right Perch Markings. As Well As Being Fitted With A Superb 3D Fish Strike Eye, But They Are Also Fitted With A Twin Tail That Has Twice The Action And Movement Of A Single Paddle Tale,  But Also Gives Out Twice The Amount Of Vibration As well. Approx 20 Grams In Weight, And Armed With A Super Sharp Treble And A Strong 4/0 Single Hook , These 3 Lures Offer Fantastic Value Without Compromise.