1 pack of 2 x Eddystone weighted 190mm, 30gm White / Pearl Sandeel lures

1  pack of 2 x Eddystone weighted 190mm, 30gm  White / Pearl  Sandeel lures With a lineage going back over 40 years, Eddystone lures have taken more World records, than any other lure, and these new lures are going to prove just as deadly. I love the look at these new Eddystone weighted eels. They are longer and slender than most artificial weighted eels on the market, so these look more like the long thin sandeels you get over wrecks or reefs. The material is soft but durable, which allows for fantastic tail movement, but will hold up to multiple fish takes. The eels are fitted with 3d fish strike eyes, and a strong forged super sharp 8/o hook. These eels are going to be killers for big Bass, Cod, Pollock etc. These lures are big, over 7 1/2 inches long, 190mm, so these lures will be at home in the deep waters of Norway, attracting the monster Cod and Coalfish. The weight in the head allows the eels to sink quickly, a great bonus when fishing a deep wreck, with the danger of the eel wrapping itself up the main line, as you drop your tackle down to the seabed.