Brand new for this season, double rig crimping pliers with 50 mini double crimps. Note these pliers are specially designed to crimp double crimps, but will also crimp single crimps as well. I love these pliers, and they are designed especially to work with these double crimps, and Ill let you into a trace building secret. You know when you first build a trace, its easy to match the hook length, from the swivel to the bait clip, as you can slide the crimps up until the hook length is tight with the bait clip,  you then crimp the crimps, and hey presto, the exact length. But what happens when that hook lengths need changing, you try to tie the exact hook length to fit the bait clip, but by the time you tie the knots, its either too long or too short.  These super soft mini double crimps allow you to tie the exact hook length every time. So here is the secret, tie the hook to a length of trace line, slide on the crimp through one of the holes, put the hook on the baitclip, put the other end of the line through the swivel, then through the other side of the double crimp. Now gently pull the line through the crimp, until its tight with the bait clip, slide the crimp up to the swivel, and crimp it using our mini crimping pliers, and once again hey presto, the perfect hook length every time. These mini double crimps, are ideal for crimping loops in fluorocarbon and monofiliment line. These  double crimps are the cutting edge of the modern beach fisherman’s trace building components. They are designed to hold fast, but are soft enough so they wont damage the line, and have an internal diameter of 0.70mm.