1 X 56g METAL BASS, POLLOCK, MACKEREL JIG Colours, Blue Mackerel  I love these metal Bass jigs, but not just for Bass, they are also killers for Pollock, Mackerel Garfish Coalfish etc. They cast superbly, either from the shore or even off a boat, let them sink, or work them just under the surface, then either jerk them back erratically, or sink and draw, or skited across the surface. The action is fantastic, wobbling, fluttering and sinking like a falling leaf, and with the way the jigs metal surface is cut, this reflects light from all directions, glinting and shimmering through the water. Match this with 2 fish strike eyes, and a super sharp treble hook, make these great all round summer lures, and a must have in anybody’s lure armoury. TOP TIP      I like to tinker with these lures, and sometimes remove the treble hook, and fish it with a single hook, and dress that hook with one of our Needle fish lures, this adds an extra strike point, and even more movement, but also is ideal for fishing rough ground, as the single hook is less likely to get snagged.