3 X PACKS OF  THE TOP WRECK FISHING COLOURS WE SELL OF THESE CURLTAILED WRECKING AND REEFING EELS These 3 colours are the 3 top colours we sell to anglers heading out to those distant wrecks for big Cod, Pollock and Coalfish. If your off out wrecking, and fancy trying these fantastic new lures, then these are the 3 colours to take out with you. These are the colours that constantly do the business, so have these in your box, the next time you head offshore. Be the first to try out these brand new lures. Tested out in secret last year, with amazing results, these fantastic new eels have the soft super fluttering curl tail found on Traceace Tackles Bass Assassin and Pollock Assassin lure which has proved so deadly for all types of predatory fish. Now this tail, with the most amazing action, has been fitted to an eel, which has all the right fish taking colours, 3d eyes and a super strong super sharp hook. So be the first to clip one of these brand new curl tailed eels on, and see how deadly they truly are for Bass, Pollock and Cod.     2 X 6″ 42g Sidewinder Rattleback Sandeel Lures( Rhubarb and Custard )     3 x 30g, 5inch Perch, Soft Pike Lures     3/4/5 & 6 oz Long Distance Casting Weight Mould     Brand new this season, 3 x 6inch, 48grm curl tail mixed colour bulldog lures     Complete 6oz breakaway Weight Mould Kit     3/4 & 5 Ounce Combined Ball Jig Head Mould with Tails and Hooks     3 Colours of our 105g Bulldog Pike Lures     1 Ltr Tub of Glow PInk Bulk Lead Powder Coating     3 x 3 Packs Blue/White 6″ Sidewinders     3 X Packs 3 Colours of Booby Beads,Attractor Beads, Plaice beads       Double Cod Pack 2 X 6″ 42g Sidewinder Rattlebacks in our Hottest Cod Colours     3 X 150g Silver Head Jigging Casting Lures, A Killer for Bass and Cod     3 X packs of 3 X 6 inch 35gram Rhubarb and Custard Curl Tail Shads     3 X Packs of 4″ Cod ORange Sidewinder Sandeels Lures     10 x Mixed Soft Pike Lures     2 X mixed packs of 10 x Sidewinder 8 inch cod orange / Firetail Flutterworms     2 X Red/Blue Fishing Tip Lights, Beachcaster Tip Lights     10oz Uptide Weight Mould Kit,lead Weight Moulds     250g Fast Drop, Butterfly Jig, Speed Jig Mould Kit     250 gram Cod Orange, Speed Jig, Buterfly Jig 6/0 Stinger Powered by eBay Turbo Lister

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