3 X 17inch SNOWBEE STAINLESS STEEL SPREADER BOOMS These are the longest spreader booms we have ever come across, a full 17inches across, and are perfect for drift or downtide fishing for all flatfish, especially Plaice, but are equally as good when targeting Cod, or smaller species, such as Whiting. These booms were once a closely guarded secret by the Herne Bay match fishing boys, but are now available, if you know where to look. These are some of the nicest spreader booms I have ever come across, the wire is not to heavy, so can be used with fairly light gear, they are the longest you can probably get, and the swivels and weight clip are top quality.Have a set of these in your box, the next time your bottom fishing, and see for yourself just how effective these booms are. NOTE    Sorry about the postage costs, but the length of these booms put them into the small parcel price band, if you want to add to this order you can have another 400g for free. Send an invoice to us with your added extras, and we will adjust the postage for you.