300 mm Ziplock Fishing Boom, Wreck fishing,trolling.


Ziplock 300mm Whisker booms Ziplock booms are the worlds most advanced fishing booms. They are the only booms available on the market to day that can actively increase your catch rate.There unique patented design allows you to fish live or artificial baits on super long traces, effectively like a down rigger attached to your line, allowing your bait to move far more freely and naturally in the tide. When you hook up into a fish, the weight of this releases the boom, which then slides down to your catch,reducing the trace length and so allowing easy landing.Each pack comes complete with a set of easy to follow instructions. The 300mm Ziplock Whisker Boom is ideal for deep water wreck and reef fishing using long flowing traces with natural or artificial baits.These booms are deadly for presenting a live sandeel on extra long traces.  Sold 2 per Pack  WE WILL ALWAYS COMBINE POSTAGE ON ALL MULTIPLE PURCHASES. SEND US YOUR PAYPAL INVOICE, WE WILL ADJUST THE POSTAGE COSTS, AND SAVE YOU MONEY

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