300mts (328yds) OF 90lb (45kg) 0.50mm dia TOP QUALITY CAMMO GREEN C.J.T. BRAID


300mts OF THE FINEST QUALITY  PREMIUM BRAID Ideal for loading up on your reels for that Norway trip. This is the breaking strain you need for those huge Winter Cod and Summer Halibut This cammo green, round  premium braid, is without doubt fantastic value for money. This is a premium braid that would normally retail anywhere up to £39.99 for 300mts, that’s if you want to pay purely for the branded label. 99% of Dyneema braids come from the same factory in Holland, were they are spooled, and labelled. This is exactly the same factory where this braid is made, and also many of the other designer brands. It is identical quality, but we buy this braid in bulk, spool it ourselves, and so we can sell it at a fraction of what branded braids cost.  Have a look at what 300mts of 90lb premium round Dyneema braid would normally cost, that’s if you can get hold of any !!! then look at ours. I use this braid on all my reels, from spinning, to the heaviest boat fishing I do. My Norway reels are all spooled with this line right up to the 90lb braid for the big Cod and halibut, and I have never had one issue with it ever. The great thing about this braid, although you can keep it on your reel for 2 or 3 years, it will easily last that long, if you want to change it every season, you can, it wont break the bank. I’m so confident about this braid, if you get any problems using it, or if it does not measure up to your expectations, I will replace it for you, or refund you your money back, believe me, its that good.     2 X 6″ 42g Sidewinder Rattleback Sandeel Lures( Rhubarb and Custard )     3 x 30g, 5inch Perch, Soft Pike Lures     3/4/5 & 6 oz Long Distance Casting Weight Mould     Brand new this season, 3 x 6inch, 48grm curl tail mixed colour bulldog lures     Complete 6oz breakaway Weight Mould Kit     3/4 & 5 Ounce Combined Ball Jig Head Mould with Tails and Hooks     3 Colours of our 105g Bulldog Pike Lures     1 Ltr Tub of Glow PInk Bulk Lead Powder Coating     3 x 3 Packs Blue/White 6″ Sidewinders     3 X Packs 3 Colours of Booby Beads,Attractor Beads, Plaice beads       Double Cod Pack 2 X 6″ 42g Sidewinder Rattlebacks in our Hottest Cod Colours     3 X 150g Silver Head Jigging Casting Lures, A Killer for Bass and Cod     3 X packs of 3 X 6 inch 35gram Rhubarb and Custard Curl Tail Shads     3 X Packs of 4″ Cod ORange Sidewinder Sandeels Lures     10 x Mixed Soft Pike Lures     2 X mixed packs of 10 x Sidewinder 8 inch cod orange / Firetail Flutterworms     2 X Red/Blue Fishing Tip Lights, Beachcaster Tip Lights     10oz Uptide Weight Mould Kit,lead Weight Moulds     250g Fast Drop, Butterfly Jig, Speed Jig Mould Kit     250 gram Cod Orange, Speed Jig, Buterfly Jig 6/0 Stinger Powered by eBay Turbo Lister

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