120mm 38g Big Bass Super Popper Colour holographic Mackerel Blue This 120mm 38gram Tronix Super Popper is one of our most popular Bass top water poppers. Designed to give maximum casting distance, with superb action. The deep concaved face generates masses of bubbles, splashes and commotion on the surface, but what makes this lure extra special, is the openings at the bottom of the gills. These allow air and water to be drawn in from the face of the lure, and stream out underneath, giving the impression this bait fish is struggling and gasping on the surface. The deep Red concave face also pushes out masses of water and bubbles on the retrieve, causing ripples and splashes on the water, increasing the illusion of an injured fish on the surface. This 38g Popper has weighted transfer balls, for exceptionally long casting distances, and also give off a deep echo through the water column to attract fish. The build and finish on this lure are superb, from the 3d fish strike eyes, fantastic Mackerel blue finish, and super sharp  treble hooks. Using your rod tip at varying heights above the water, induces different actions from this lure, low tip, long bubble trails, and a swimming action, medium tip, classic splashing retrieve, and a high tip for skitter action. Rip and stop the lure to give a fantastic blooping action.  TOP TIP 1:-  Remember to give this lure even more strike appeal, fish one of our fantastic Bass flies on a short dropper 6 to 8cm in front of this plug. This gives the impression that the plug is chasing a small bait fish, and this really stimulates a feeding predator to hit either the plug or the fly.  TOP TIP 2:- When plugging always use a quality braid as your main line, rather than mono. There is no stretch with braid, so every twitch and pull you give on the rod tip is transferred straight to your plug, bringing your plug to life, and inducing even more strikes. TOP TIP 3:- Always use a 2 mt length of quality Fluorocarbon between your braid and your plug, and use this section of line to tie in your dropper for your Bass fly. SORRY ABOUT THE POSTAGE COSTS, BUT THIS LURE WONT FIT THROUGH THE 25mm SLOT.

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