4 x 10g Snowbee offset jig heads with 2/0 hooks.


4 x 10g Snowbee offset jig heads with Size 2/0 hook These all new jig heads are designed to fish a soft bait as though it is either feeding or trying to burrow into the sea bed. The way the jig head fishes allows the soft bait to be  fished up at an angle, and as you work and twitch the bait back, the jig head digs into the sand causing a disturbance, throwing up plume of sediment that attracts a predatory fish to investigate, and then bam, the rod rips over as another big fish hits your lure. Use these heads with any soft lure, but they are killers when used with the Snowbee Shad lures, and Snowbee Venom Shad lures.

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