3 X 5 INCH SIDEWINDER SUPER SHADS Bass Blue / White This is our latest colour in the Sidewinder Super Shad range, and its going to be a killer for big Bass in the summer, weighing 43 grams each, these 5″ Shads are ideal for all boat angling situations, and those deepwater shore marks.  I love using these smaller lures, when the fish are biting shy, on a long flying collar, i.e. a 10″ or 12″ boom with a 10 to 15 ft trace, or I rig them up on a Hopper rig, and bounce them along the bottom, off a short boom, and a very short trace, 8 to 10 inches long at the most, this is a killer rig for summer Cod. Fitted with 3d fish strike eyes, solid colour bodies, and an amazing swimming action, and armed with a super sharp super strong 5/0 hook, I can guarantee these lures are going to have an immense impact on the wrecking world this season. These lures just scream to be nailed, don’t miss out on an amazing lure, at an even more amazing price.