5 X 10/0 BIG GAME, SHARK, CONGER AND SUPER HEAVY DUTY LIVE BAIT HOOKS These hooks are designed purely to hook and hold big powerful fish. Weather your looking to hook large fast swimming big game fish, powerful Conger, or large shark, or even to rig a livebait, for Bluewater, or even to fish over a deep reef, or mid channel wreck, with a Joey Mackerel, for monster Cod and Bass. If your fishing in Norway, rig these hooks for the giant Cod, and Hallibut, they will easly deal with a 200lb plus Flatfish.  These hooks are offset, high carbon, and fitted with a super sharp, small fish friendly barb, for easy catch and release.These hooks are large, and I mean large, the hook next to this 10/0 hook, in the other picture, is a a 14/0 circle hook, so you can see how big and strong these hooks are.  Hi, sorry about the postage costs, but the package will not go through the 25mm gap, so the Post Office charge a flat rate of £3.30 for up to a kilo in weight.