5 X 150 mm Ziplock Fishing BoomS,Wreck fishing, Reef and Trolling Booms

5 x Ziplock 150mm Whisker booms Ziplock booms are the worlds most advanced fishing booms. They are the only booms available on the market to day that can actively increase your catch rate.There unique patented design allows you to fish live or artificial baits on super long traces, effectively like a down rigger attached to your line, allowing your bait to move far more freely and naturally in the tide. When you hook up into a fish, the weight of this releases the boom, which then slides down to your catch,reducing the trace length and so allowing easy landing.Each pack comes complete with a set of easy to follow instructions. The 150mm Ziplock Whisker Boom is ideal for wreck and reef fishing using long flowing traces with natural or artificial baits.These booms are deadly for presenting a live sandeel on extra long traces.  Sold 2 per Pack TOP TIP  The 150 mm Ziplock Boom makes an excelant downrigger for trolling . Using this method you can stream your artificial lure, or live bait way out behind the boat, then set it to fish at any depth. Put the boat into gear, hold the boom and let the lure drift back away from the boat, ive fished Bass Bandits 80 yards back before!! When your happy, lock the boom in to position and lower it to the depth you want to fish. The lure is swimming way back, away from any disturbance, but directly in line with the weighted boom at the set depth. When a fish hits the lure the boom disengauges, and slides all the way back to the swivel, tied 6ft above the lure, magic!!! TOP TIP 2 Use cable ties to attach the weight to the boom, then cut the boom tubing down so it is just a bit longer than the weight, this just keeps things nice and tidy. With the weight fixed like this, it acts like a keel, and also prevents the lead from spinning!! If your switched on you can rig up severel booms with different sized weights, so you can fish different depths. WE WILL ALWAYS COMBINE POSTAGE ON ALL MULTIPLE PURCHASES. SEND US YOUR PAYPAL INVOICE, WE WILL ADJUST THE POSTAGE COSTS, AND SAVE YOU MONEY