5 x 5inch Black / Silver flake Muppet lures.


5 x 5inch Muppet lures These 5 inch Muppet’s have a thin cut skirt to give maximum movement when jigging these lures. The great colours these Muppet’s come in, give the angler a fantastic opportunity to rig several colours on droppers to see which colour the fish are hitting. These lures are so versatile, I rig them on our 150lb mono, on short droppers with our 10/0 circle hooks. I also use them at the bottom of any jig or pirk I’m using, I also fish them above a bait when bottom fishing as an extra teaser.or if I’m Blue water fishing as a teaser over a trolled fish bait. These are lovely lures, in a range of fantastic colours, and have been catching big fish for years.

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