12ounce MONSTER MUPPET MOULD WITH 2 X 10inch MUPPET SKINS AND 4 LEAD HEAD EYES Wow, Ive been waiting for this mould for yonks. This lure is so durable, it is a total fish taker, and can be used in so many ways. It can be rigged as a jig, with a stinger hook at the top. Use this in Norway, or the English channel, and it will take big Cod, Pollock, Coalfish and anything else with a big mouth and fins. This lure has a fantastic action, with the finely cut skirt wafting and waving as you jig this lure. But this is just one of the ways you can use it. Fix some really heavy duty mono, to a bloody big hook, bait this with a side of Mackerel, or a whole Squid or Cuttlefish and drag this across the bottom, occasionally lifting the rod tip to induce the lure to flutter and pulse, with the bait being dragged just behind it. Use this in Norway for big Butts and Cod, or in the Channel for huge Cod and ling. Finally, this lure can be rigged for trolling, and will take all sorts of gamefish. As you can see, this is why I wanted to get my hands on this lure mould. Please note, the colour of the muppet skins may differ than the ones shown. Muppet skins, and jig eyes are all available separately.

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