Snowbee Stinger surface popper Bass plug. 100mm long and weighing 22g, this all new surface popper, has an extra long streamlined body, firstly to allow super long casting, but also to extenuate the walking the dog, “side to side” sliding action as it pops, splashes and chugs on the surface. The head has a deep cut concave face, with a “spurt” hole at the top, which allows a flow of water to spurt up and out, creating even more disturbance on the surface. Couple this with the extra large fish strike eyes, red gill strike points, ball bearings in the body to give awesome casting ability, and vibration on the retrieve, and 2 super sharp, super strong treble hooks, you have one of the top surface poppers you can ever cast for a big Bass at a truly fantastic price. TOP TIP. Use our all new NO KNOT FAS-SNAP clips from the USA, to connect your lure or Bass fly to your line. These allow the maximum movement of your lure, unlike a conventional knot that chokes the lure. They also allow you to change your lure in seconds’ Also dont forget to fish a  Bass fly just in front of any of your surface plugs, this really does stimulate a hunting Bass to slam your lure

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