TSUNAMI PRO UPTIDE BOAT RIG 4/0 HOOK An Ideal boat rig for uptide fishing for Cod, Bass and Skate   Made from top quality components, and tied with 60lb main line.  I use these rigs all the time, as to be honest, I’m to lazy to spend hours in the evening tieing traces.  A trace needs to do several things, be able to be strong enough to withstand the rigours of boat fishing, present my bait on the sea bed to give me the greatest chance of attracting a fish, and be strong enough to cope with that fish, when Ive hooked it. These rigs do all these things, and at a price that allows me to have several in my box, so that I can double pat, i.e having one rig fishing while another rig is waiting in the boat, baited up, and ready to be clipped back on as soon as the other rig is reeled in. I have no problem using these rigs, they fish well, and more importently, they catch fish.