Ziplock Lightweight Downtide Running Boom


Ziplock Lightweight Running Boom The  Ziplock lightweight Running Boom is a light tackle boom suitable for bottom/down tide or drift fishing for Plaice, Flounder, Bass on light boat tackle. The Ziplock Running Boom is designed to allow the weight to slide when a fish takes the bait, so as not to offer any resistance that may spook a taking fish, but also indicate a bite up through to your rod tip. Once again it is possible to fish super long traces with this boom, presenting your bait in a much more natural way, allowing it to move and sway in the tide and current, but will automatically collapse down when a fish is hooked to allow easy landing. Full instructions are included in every pack to allow you to use these fantastic Ziplock booms to there full potential. 2 Booms per pack WE WILL ALWAYS COMBINE THE POSTAGE ON ALL MULTIPLE PURCHESES. SEND US YOUR PAYPAL INVOICE, WE WILL ADJUST THE POSTAGE, AND SAVE YOU MONEY

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