1 x 60g Mackerel Green / Silver casting, jigging lure for Big Bass etc


1 x 60g long casting, jigging lure I love these lures, especially in the summer when there are loads of bait fish in the water, and the big predators are on the prowl. This lure is heavy enough to fish shallow reefs and wrecks, casting the lure uptide, and allowing it to sink down, before working and jigging the lure as the boat drifts over it. If your on a pier, a rocky headland or a steep shelving beach, these lures are deadly. Launch it out, and as it hits the water, let it sink to the depth you think the fish are feeding. Work the rod aggressively as you reel back, and due to the fantastic shape of these lures they will flip, wobble and dart, mimicking brilliantly an injured bait fish. These lures have a great finish, with holographic fish scale markings and 3d fish strike eyes, they are at the top end of quality for these types of lure.

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